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Revival in Stark County will lead to revival in our Nation.

CHRIST LOUISVILLE - North Central - East Ohio - Tuscarawas (East OH)
9/13/2017 views(492)

Rock the Park happened at Metzger Park on Saturday, September 9th, 2017. The message was clear. Repent and receive salvation. All the bands glorified God through the talents bestowed upon them and were of God. Hope of Jesus Christ was assured to those who confessed with their mouth that Jesus was the way, the truth and the life. Seventh Day Slumber was the headlining artist for RTP 17 and the lead singer Joseph Rojas gave the message and altar call. At Joseph Rojas altar call he asked all those who have thought about (1) suicide to raise their hands; (2) Those burnt out in their ministry  that needed spiritual uplifting to come forward; (3) those who wanted to begin a relationship with Jesus to come forward. Alot of people came forward and accepted Jesus and reconfirmed their faith that evening. The Cross Project represented Phillipians 3:8-9 "I am Found in Christ Jesus."

Out Door Worship has at least 1200 in attendance. Safe Kept led worship with their voices. 10 local pastors held a concert of Prayer. They prayed for our families, our schools, our businesses, our churches, our public servants, our nation, they blessed and thanked God for all his benefits.

Time To Revive CEO's Kyle and Laura Martin came to give Stark County the message that we are the bellweather of the United States. That Stark County is the key decider for decisions in Ohio. That politicians and the Nation look to us to decide key factors. Kyle mentioned that we as a church need to put down our traditions and the walls that seperate us, the programs of our churches and come together and unite as one and start a revival in Stark County. Kyle said no matter what the denomination the Great Commission is expected of us by God and church in buildings is not growing our nation any longer. Laura Martin spoke of water. She said most people are in a wading pool. No threat as an option just knee deep but, those who go out into the deep end of the pool are experiencing the deep waters and learning to tread while in danger and spreading the Gospel of Christ in the streets. Kyle and Laura blessed and asked God's favor to be upon the Pastors that were present this day and asked God to bless and favor them with getting other churches on board to cause great revival in Stark County.

Kyle and Laura Martin, Pastors, Lay Leaders and their families and staff at Christ UMC had lunch and a sharing time and questions and answer time. Kyle said the most important thing is to gather 65 churches to start a revival in Stark County. Kyle said dont let the oppostition stop you. If a church says NO move on to the next church. He said that churches are so tied up in their programs that they have left no room for the Great Commission to happen because thery have laid so many expectations on themselves and their pastors that their ears are deafend to the call. Pray boldly and ask God to send the Holy Spirit upon the Stark County Churches and stir their hearts fo revival. Laura spoke of God talking to her and her dreams of bees. Laura said she had dreams of bees but had not witnessed any bees until she was at Rock the Park on Saturday Night and Outdoor Worship this Sunday morning. Bees represent great awakening when she looked it up in her Bible. Laura believes that God wants a great awakening to happen in Stark County and start here with the Pastors at the Outdoor Worship.

Kyle also shared about how Time To Revive works. He said 1 out of 4 people will want to participate. Kyle said that is fine. TTR teaches groups of 4 to be together and 1 of them is really strong and the other 3 witness what happens until the Holy Spirit convicts their heart and they start to participate. Time To Revive teaches you to go out into the world and listen, love, discern and respond to people. Not only do they have churches on board before the revival begins they have already talked with businesses, schools ect... and thery are on board and excited about it. 

Please pray for Stark County, the bellweather county of Ohio to start a great reviovasl that will spread to Summit County, Cuyahoga County and beyond.

Equipping the Saints to share the Gospel and make disciples.


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