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NEWCASTLE - South Central - Central Texas - West (CTX)
7/10/2019 views(102)

Newcastle is a very mission-minded church. Our diverse group of volunteers is mostly college-aged and older, so we really cannot work with our conference Youth Missions and must find our own projects to do each summer. We have worked with UMCOR in Taylor, TX, to re-roof storm damaged homes and worked with the Salvation Army in St. Louis, MO, to renovate flood damaged houses. Last year, we led the charge in raising money and completely remodeled the Tarleton State University Wesley Student Center inside and out.

This year, we looked to our local community for ways we can make an impact here in our neighborhood. The first of many projects this summer was renovating the city park. We painted the fence rail around the park. We cleaned up the pavilion and installed new lighting. We removed all the mulch under the playground equipment and replaced it with pea gravel. We trimmed trees. We made various repairs. All of this was done over the course of 2 days with a hard-working group of about 20, and some of the volunteers were people who don't usually join in our mission work.

The link below is to our Facebook photo album for this.

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