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Concert - Trinity United Methodist Church, Las Vegas, NV.

Trinity UMC - Western - Desert Southwest - North (DSW)
10/16/2018 views(292)

On October 7, 2018, World Communion Sunday, we had the priviledge of hosting a concert by Violin Virtuoso Jaime Jorge.  Jaime lived in Cuba.  He was given the opportunity to study in Moscow at the age of nine but was told the only way he could get a scholarship was if he stood up in front of the Cuban Government and denounced God.  Jaime would not do it so he didn't get the scholarship.  Eventually his family was allowed to leave Cuba and he went on to study in the United States and became what he is today.  Jaime has devoted his life to God and goes to numerous churches and performs and speaks.  Our church was blessed to be able to witness his love and talents.

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