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Being in Ministry in the city

UNIVERSITY BUFFALO - Northeastern - Upper New York - Niagara Frontier (UNY)
5/17/2019 views(79)

Our church membership is decline like many others, but our church is vital. We open our church to the community who support our not-fro-proftit sotatus. We have 3 congregations meeting in our building, one African American and on Congolese, in addition to our own. We work very well together and support the cost of the building. We have one business that uses the building and one community health organization, both helping with the cost of the building. We have a suburban church that has a bible study at the church each week. We also have individuals and groups that use the building from the community. The Election Board uses the church several times a year. A hardware store next door uses our parking lot in exchange for keeping the parking lot plowed and repaired. the City has used the building for some of its meetings. 

Consequently, Sunday is around 200 every Sunday. God is here and worshipped.  

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