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Mission offering

Independence Riverview UMC - North Central - Indiana - Northwest (IN)
6/10/2019 views(81)

Our church has supported a couple who have gone on many mission trips.  They are not members of our church but of a Methodist church in a nearby town.  This summer they are going to Costa Rica to minister to the people there.  We have found that the easiest and best way to help this couple is by having a dinner after church on Sunday.  We place a basket for donations on a table and our people generously give toward the mission.  On June 9, we served a taco dinner and also had hotdogs for those who do not care for tacos.  Almost all of the congregation attended and we had such a good time of visiting and sharing.  It was our Celebration Sunday which we provide the second Sunday of every month.  It is a time of celebration of birthdays, anniversaries and specials events.  That way everyone in the entire congregation is celebrated at least once or twice a year.  This was a fun and easy project and we are happy to donate to this most worthy mission.

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