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Holy Week Services

DUBLIN FIRST - South Central - Central Texas - West (CTX)
4/23/2019 views(92)

FUMC came together to have a come and go prayer time for Maundy Thursday (5 came to pray), then Friday we held a Good Friday service with 24 attending, (some electronically)

Then hosted the Dublin Ministerial Alliance Sunday Sunrise Service with Pastors from Assembly of God; First Baptist; Greens Creek UMC; Congregational Methodist, FUMC/Laurel St. UMC and Primeria Iglesia Bautista churches being in attendance and participating in the Service.  FUMC provided a free Pancake Breakfast with Ham Juices, Milk, and Coffee.  

Then we had our Regular Easter Sunday service with 64 present, several of our members attended the sunrise service and did not return for the regular service.  The Holy Spirit was working overtime, it was a powerfully moving Holy Week.

Many of our members had worked all week cleaning the Atrium Garden and Lawn preparing for this service.  Trimming Trees etc.  It took a host of people to accomplish our goal of making Outreach our goal to be a loving and welcoming church body.  I am very proud and challenged to serve the Churches and the Community of Dublin in being in Christ Ministry in this community. 

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