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St. Luke UMC - South Central - Great Plains Conference - Missouri River (GP)
1/29/2021 views(238)

Dear Pastor Johnson, Thanks for allowing me to do my eagle project at your church. I appreciate everything you and the church have done for my project. Thank you for supporting me.  Sincerely, Ethan


St. Luke United Methodist, We are beyond thankful for the coffee pots that you so graciously loaned us to use on MLK Day as we served the Metro! We were able to provide 200 warm burritos, masks, and delicious hot coffee to folks in our community. Thank you again for beleiving in our missions and helping making our event a sucess! Respectfuly, Together Inc. VISTA and AmeriCorps Crew - Barbara, Nicole, Connor, Touki, Emily B., Emily S. Cail, Clair


Dearest of St. Luke, You have blessed us. The egg sandwiches, oh.....have never had a better breakfast sandwich- truly. Thank-you for loving on us. We cannot even begin to tell you the warm fuzzies you bring and the way that your minister to our hearts & tummies-  Your goodness never goes unnoticied. Much love to you and warm regards, Crestridge Magnet Staff


St. Luke UMC
I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to you for your support on the community call to action. It is definitely something that is needed immediately. It is very gratifying to know that you and our church has involvement to improve the overall quality of our community. Peace be with you! Tom and Peggy

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