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Beyond the Walls...

Community - South Central - Arkansas - Northeast (AR)
4/18/2021 views(174)

We held a wedding for two new congregants last weekend and checked back with them throughout the week and this weekend, as the wife had nasal surgery on Tuesday, and has aunts and cousins on the prayer list.

We visited a retired UMC Elder, who is in the Encompass Rehab Hospital in Jonesboro for the 2nd time after previously seeing him in ICU at St. Bernard's.

We visited a parishoner in the Monette Manor Care Center, who has dementia -- but had a good visit and was able to converse slightly and pray together.

We took food to a young couple with two boys age 4 and 2, whose youngest had to go to the ER one night this past week...all except the youngest was back in services this morning.C

We (Pastor Tony & spouse Jane) took our most senior parishioner on to another UMC service together at 11:00 a.m. after we got out of Community UMC's service at 10:00 a.m. -- then picked up a pizza to have lunch together afterwards in taking her home.

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