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Larned First United Methodist Church - South Central - Great Plains Conference - Dodge City (GP)
3/13/2022 views(398)

It was a busy week of preparation.  The youth played a major role in the worship service.  They were greeters, ushers, acolytes, assisted with technology, provided the refreshments for Meet & Greet, and did a neat presentation to thank the congregation for their support.  There was a special youth offering to help fund their mission trip to KC this summer.  The Engaging Ministries Team is preparing for the Stations of the Cross event during Holy Week.  This is open to the public.  Thanks be to God, it seems safe to restart this event.  The UMW is going to provide the meals for Wednesday Youth Night to free up the leaders to interact more with the kids and present lessons. The Congregational Care Ministers made activity bags for the kids to have on Sundays.  Spring break is coming up and activity bags were placed on the lawn one day for the kids to pick up and use during break time.  During Lent, Larned UMC is emailing a scripture and Bible reading every day.  Pastor Trish wrote a special Devotion for the Ukraine situation.  One of our members has a family member who is a pastor.  He and his wife have been working in Ukraine.  We have been able to email his communications  to the congregation.

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