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Hamilton Heights Back-to-School Bash

Cicero UMC - North Central - Indiana - North Central (IN)
8/8/2022 views(277)

On Sunday, August 7th, Cicero United Methodist Church participated in the 1st Annual Hamilton Height Elementary School Back-to-School Bash!  We served 420 hotdogs and handed out roughly 400 bottles of water to kids and parents for free!  We put on a water balloon toss, which the kids loved!  We also supported the Heights Area Pastors Group during the event who gave away $1000 in gift cards for gas and groceries!  This event was a partnership with all of the local churches in the Hamilton Heights School district.  We were one of 6 churches participating. It was a great opportunity to love on our community and build relationships within the community and within our fellow churches.  It shows that when we partner as a community of churches, we can each bring our talents and resources to provide an event and experience of God's love way beyond what we could accomplish on our own!

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