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Community Response Team

Bay - South Central - Arkansas - Northeast (AR)
7/5/2022 views(274)

What started out as a reboot of the United Methodist Men has become a community project. The men gathered for fellowship to try and rebuild UMM. After much discussion they realized that the old things they had done was no longer a workable outreach. They shifted focus and decided to involve anyone in the community no matter the denomination, race, gender or social status. They used social media to invite the whole neighborhood to come and find solutions to problems such as hunger and lack of reading skills or emergency situtations that may arise. By collecting materials for flood buckets they have begun a whole new perspective of the greater needs beyond the church walls. They men have begun participating in the monthly food pantry give away and see the new needs every month. They are inviting everyone from the local fire chief and mayor to pastors of other denomination to come and be a part of the local response team. We are excited to see this ministry grow and are blessed to host the members thereof.

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