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Transformational Communities Network

BETHEL SAN ANTONIO - South Central - Rio Texas - Las Misiones (RTX)
10/31/2022 views(333)

Several years ago the church participated in TCOP(TCN) training.  From that experience we pursued Prosperemos Juntos/Thriving Communities initiative through Methodist Healthcare Ministries and have created a non-profit, UNITY37, from that initiative.  Rev. Pittman is the chair, Ervinell Walters is the vice chair, Cedric Gilmore is the finance chair and Joyce Williams is the secretary of UNITY37.  We also have members from the community as board and steering committee members.  The week starting Saturday, 22 October 22, UNITY37 members attended a community activity while Ervinell attended a TCN Commissioning at Lockhart, TX St. Mark UMC as a member of the TCN Leadership member.  Rev. Pittman and Ervinell Walters attended Listening and Reviewing for TCN planning for 2023 on 24 & 25 October at the Rio Texas Conference Center in-person and via ZOOM.  October 26, 2023, Rev. Pittman and Ervinell Walters attended the Shalom Summit at St. Paul UMC, SATX where Rev. James Amerson is the pastor.  Our speaker for the day was Rev. Dr. Fred Douglas Smith, Jr. Thirty-five people were in attendance.  Ideas from the summit were gained and shared with board members of UNITY37.  

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