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Ground Hog Supper

CRESCENT FIRST - South Central - Oklahoma - Crossroads (OK)
2/8/2021 views(210)

Crescent United Methodist Church held our annual Ground Hog Supper Saturday February 6, 2021. Due to COVID-19, this was the first year we served all To-Go dinners in the parking lot of our church.  Inclement weather began this morning and the tempature fell below freezing and we thought that the community may not participate this year because of the conditions. We ran out of dinners for the first time this year with a total 114 served and recieved a record amount in donations for us. Our members worked hard and was blessed to see all the meals go this year for the first time. God is good and was with us this day. A observer told us "Isn't it amazing what 15 peoiple can do." Our response is only by the Grace of God.  

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