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A Blessed Week

Larned First United Methodist Church - South Central - Great Plains Conference - Dodge City (GP)
3/29/2021 views(183)

On Wednesday evening, 38 members of our congregation met for pizza and made an Easter ornament for every resident in our nursing facilities to decorate his/her door.  We also made centerpieces for their dining tables.  We witnessed God's presence in the fellowship, the laughter, the sharing of love with others.

Our youth group made the decision to resume meeting again and wanted that to begin this week.  They are going to start with a bang, a cookout at a local camp.

Palm Sunday was a glorious day.  There were two to three times more people in church than we have been having.  We had kids (YEAH) )and they had their Palm Sunday parade.  The music was uplifting, a member of our congregation enacted one of the Disciples sharing the events of the first Palm Sunday and an inspiring message from our Pastor.  Surely, the presence of God was in our Sanctuary.

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