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Prayer and Fasting Vigil

The Bridge - Southeastern - Mississippi - Seashore (MS)
4/18/2021 views(278)

 Our church held a 24 hour prayer and fasting vigil. More than 50 people participated in praying around the clock.  Most commented something like: The 30 minutes flew by and wasn't enough!  Thank you for the guidance.  I thank God for leading me to the Bridge.  Several people gave testimonies during worship about the direction they heard from the Lord about new ministry, praying for one another, or trusting Jesus more.  One woman reported, "I grew up in the church.  I did all the things, I went through all the motions.  I did the business of the church successfully.  And I loved it the whole time.  But now I worship, I pray, and I'm learning to have a relationship with Jesus.  It's still awkward like new relationships are, but I love it."

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