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God's Presence

CHRIST LOUISVILLE - North Central - East Ohio - Tuscarawas (East OH)
8/11/2021 views(110)

God's Presence has been among us and seen in mighty ways. The Congregation is excited to be in the Church Sanctuary and have been very responsive to Rev. Grant and Pastor Hinkle. Our hearts were stirred by being able to come together as a Church family and Worship the Lord together, and once again gather for Sunday School classes. The fellowship has been wonderful and seeing smiles and not masks has been a true blessing. We thank God for protecting His people and helping those of us who lost loved ones during the pandemic to remember they are with Jesus now, whole and healthy. We are  continually thinking of each person as we clean and disenfect our building daily. We pray for all those who are out in the mission field and those that they come into contact with and those who cannot have any contact. To God be the glory!

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