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"God's mercy and power to His chidren"

New Chapel (Plantersville) - Southeastern - Mississippi - Tupelo (MS)
9/10/2012 views(1730)

God's presence was deeply shown this Sunday.  Pastor Glenn Parks shared a story of a young lady that went though many trials and test in her life. She waited 14 years for a kidney transplanted. God graced her with a kidney. About 2 years ago, the doctors told her she was going blind. Months later, God graced her with 2 new eyes. She is in the process of getting her GED. While coming home from school, she fell asleep and hit a lightpole. She broke her hip, pelvic, arm, leg. After lying in the ICU, her several day, Pastor Glenn asked her how she felt. Her respond was, I  pray all times, I don't understand why these things are happening to me! He immediately prayed for her and told her that God loves her. Now she is recoverying very well at the Pioneer Hospital. During her trials, we belive that God is showing us the miracles that He can do, just like in the Bible Days, so He can be glorified!

The congregation show much love and compassion. They took up an offering   of love to be given to her.

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