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MIDDLETOWN - Western - California Nevada - Great Northern (Cal-Nev)
4/3/2012 views(3588)

An older teen who first came to our youth group nearly 3 years ago and has been attending church regularly  for the past six months  and volunteering

with our Community dinners was baptized on Palm Sunday by a visiting ordined pastor. Additionally one of our members brought 10 out of county friends to church.  

So last Sunday our attendance nearly doubled because those visitors and 7 young men friends of our new member, his father and 

one of the young men's mother attending the service. They all stayed for our Community Dinner and help serve and clear tables. It was a


Maybrook United Methodist Church
A young 12 yr old started attending church with his mom two Sundays prior to Thanksgiving and both volunteered to serve at our free Thanksgiving dinner for those in the community who otherwise would not have a Thanksgiving meal or would be alone. He didn't need to be asked on what needed to be done, he helped serve, refill empty bowls and cleared tables. He is also a member of our confirmation class. Our small committed group is looking forward to attending the Bishop's Confirmation Rally in Connecticut next month...Praise God!

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