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Tacking poverty and serving the community

Americus UMC - South Central - Great Plains Conference - Flint Hills (GP)
4/4/2012 views(2126)

Americus UMC has been working with other churches in the community on service projects to address poverty and other community issues. On one Sunday, the community churches met and talked about poverty and its causes and how we might alleviate them in our community and beyond. At one point, groups went out and hung grocery bags on doors throughout the town. A note was attached asking citizens to donate food as well as information about and an invitation to the Community Good Friday Service April 6. Residents were asked to fill the bags and set them out the following Sunday to be picked up. On the next Sunday, we completed the second part of our Service project as groups went out into the community and gathered items left on doorsteps for the food drive. Our food pantry is overflowing!

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