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Seeing God's presence

Hay Springs UMC - South Central - Great Plains Conference - Great West (GP)
4/4/2012 views(2110)

     There was a bit of confusion involving the call process at our churches.  The incoming pastor was brought in without the churches knowing that their present pastor was leaving.  This caused much discussion and confusion on the part of the SPPRC and has caised some concern for caution in the process.  The congregations were not told that the present pastor was going to be reassigned before the incominng pastor showed up to meet with the SPPRC and view the parsonage.  God's grace has been evident in that the surprise is no longer a surprise but an event they are preparing for and not so much looking forward to but knowing it is going to happen as Methodist pastors are itenerent and do move.  Grace abounds and God is good all the time.

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